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In the process of providing portable devices through Microfluidics and  Nanotechnology for Agri-Tech Industry

To diagnose and enhance the quality of Food at various levels of ecosystem, we intend to provide rapid, onsite and affordable solutions using microfluidics and Nanotechnology. The ecosystem of the food chain includes growth factors, consumption factors and the management of all these for high production to cater the human population. We are focused towards developing products for crop management using plant extract based biopesticides, Soil testing kits for rapid onsite detection of soil nutrients and fertilizer recommendation along with diagnosing the quality of food through portable devices.
Currently farmers use synthetic fertilizers to boost the yield production with the fertilizer demand more than 186.6 million tons all over the world. An appropriate fertilizer recommendation is the requirement of time for a sustained environment. This is enabled through a microfluidic platform based automated device for rapid onsite fertilizer recommendation. The product, one of its first kind with automation provided for soil sampling also.
The management of the farms through integrated pest management technique using plant extracts as pest controllers. Pest control is a challenge at any crop and our solution provides naturally occurring substances that control the population of pests and decompose quickly. Also increasing health consciousness of people around have created the demand of organic food which leads to demand of effective, eco friendly pesticides thus limiting the use of chemical pesticide products protecting the environment. The increased stress of organic farming and on residue free commodities would certainly warrant the adoption of biopesticides by farmers in the near future.
The food that is grown is prone to adulteration at various stages before it reaches the end consumer for various intentional beneficial reasons. Our solution provides detection of adulteration of food from solid and liquid samples using a common platform based on Microfluidic and Nanotechnology.

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We are working towards providing Agro-Industry free of chemicals through our range of products that include identification to action. At Arkashine Innovations, we are working extensively to provide solutions through R & D in MEMS and Nanotechnology to strive balance in the environment changes. Through this innovative technologies Arkashine Innovations has developed products to provide increase the growth and improve the quality of life.


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